I have to say, Fiona I am really lucky and got to hitchhike on a donkey!

Not really - but a man and a donkey did come along.

I asked the man where we are and he said "Consuega".

I didn't know where that was, and he said "La Mancha".

Well, everyone knows Don Quixote is The Man from La Mancha! So, I must be in Spain!

What shall I do next? Where are my friends? I guess I can stay at a hotel in town, Hotel Las Provincias, the only hotel in town that takes a credit card. Nice!

I am a bit bruised from my parachute trauma but doing okay.

Talk to you later,


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Buenos Dias Fiona!

It is eight in the morning. I slept well cause I was so tired!
I am still sore but the weather is great and I feel good otherwise.

I don't miss my crazy friends anymore! No more flying with Mr. Matsui!

What shall I do today?

I dunno. Since I am in Spain, I guess I will rest and then see what happens.




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